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Christmas for the kids

Photos by Sebastian Moraga
Kindergarten students from Vale Elementary sang, drank hot cocoa, and chose a tree for their classroom during their visit to Shelton's Tree Farm.

Riverside Center contract awarded to downtown shop owner
Teri Weedman, owner of Weeds Café, was expected to be awarded a three-year deal as the new administrator of the Riverside Center.

The official announcement of Weedman's bid beating two other bids was scheduled for the Nov. 8 city council meeting, which occurred past this publication's press time.

Weedman, a Cashmere High School graduate and the owner of Weeds Café for almost two and a half years. She owned a restaurant and a catering company in Mukilteo years prior to owning the café.

With a new administrator, the Riverside Center will change quite a bit, and not just because Weedman plans to paint the place.

"Basically, I'm going to rebrand it," she said of the center. "I'm going to get a new logo, I'm going to redo the website, I'm going to spruce up the building, the website, get the shrubs cleaned, I'm going to have those planters be really nice and full and beautiful."

Weedman will likely install a camera security system. Eventually, she said, she would like to turn the restrooms into changing rooms for brides and grooms.

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Cashmere grad has rapid rise in Montana government
Blair Fjeseth, nee Parker, is on her third month as Director of Communications for the Secretary of State of Montana.

Fjeseth (Fee-YES-seth), a Cashmere High School and Carroll College graduate, was appointed to the position last September. She will serve until the end of Secretary of State Linda McCulloch's term, in December of 2016.

A married mother of 1-year-old Sven, she said that knowing when her time will be up has its pluses and minuses.

"On one hand it's great, because I can't see myself doing the same job for the rest of my life," she said. "That's just not who I am, and in my job, I can do the best job I can do in the years remaining of her [McCulloch] term because it's my one shot."

Conversely, it's scary.

"I have a family, and I want to help provide for them, so it's like, 'Oh, my gosh, what am I going to do after this, in 2017?'" She added that she feels confident she will be able to parlay her experience and her connections into a new job.

An Alaska native who lived in Maui until the eighth grade, when she moved to Cashmere with her family, she said sometimes it amazes her how quickly things have happened for her. But only after someone mentions it.

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Fire families: Every fire tells a story
They say blood is thicker than water. If she could, Danielle Piton would tweak the adage a little.

She would probably say 'thicker, unless the water is coming out of a firehose.'

A volunteer firefighter in Peshastin, Danielle is the daughter and niece of firefighters as well as the wife of a volunteer firefighter. She and Nick Piton have been married two years, and they spent their second anniversary battling a blaze in Wenatchee. Her idea.

"It was, 'Happy anniversary. Help me carry this hose,'" she quipped.

And if a baby ever enters the picture, and a siren blares within earshot, she says she will grab gear and go take care of business. If anyone is staying home with the baby, it's going to be Nick, she adds, or a grandparent.

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Velocity Swimming program seeks more upper valley swimmers
The Wenatchee based year round Velocity Swimming program is hoping to attract more swimmers from the upper valley, Leavenworth and Cashmere.

A Wenatchee Valley staple for 30 years, Velocity Swimming is seeking to attract families from outside the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee area.

"We are the only year round competitive swim program in the valley. We're trying to extend the growth because we have a passion for the sport of swimming and what it can benefit. We're trying to extend that beyond the Wenatchee area," Jeffrey Sutton, Velocity Swimming board member and parent. "The benefit is a lot bigger than that. We have a very fun, recreational summer swim league. Some swimmers have moved into this and found this is a lot of fun and has a lot of benefit."

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Chelan PUD Commissioners pass 2015 budget
Board sets priorities including paying down debt and investing in dams and electric grid

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Children at railroad tracks have residents cross
At least two adults have spotted children trying to cross the railroad tracks that bisect Division Street when the crossing arms are down.

Cashmere Schools Superintendent Glenn Johnson said that he had received an email about the children disregarding the gates, and called on Cashmere parents to warn their children about the high danger of trying to beat a train.

"My request of the principals was to put out either through newsletters or our Facebook page, [a message] to parents that says 'hey, talk to your kids. This is not something they should be doing.'"

Johnson called the situation "unacceptable, and quite frankly, I'm sure it's illegal."

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Schools & Sports

Knishka siblings share a court for the first time
What does a nonleague preseason game of basketball have in common with winning a national tournament? Well, for Cashmere frosh Cami Knishka they both count as great experiences.

Knishka, whose club team won a national championship this year, took the court for the first time as a varsity member of Cashmere's high school squad last weekend on back-to-back wins over Ephrata and Brewster.

Taking the step from middle school ball to varsity made her a little nervous, Cami said, but she kept her nerves at bay after a while.

Thursday, December 11, 2014 More...
Cashmere looks to compete for CTL title
The goal is not getting to the playoffs. The goal for the Cashmere Bulldogs' boys basketball team is staying in the playoffs.

The Caribou Trail League has four teams this year, so every team will qualify to districts. The top seed advances to the sidelines for a week, then faces a regional rival with a state berth on the line.

"If you get out of district, while all the other teams are working on regionals, we are off, and it's just a waiting game," Head Coach Levi Heyen said. "And then they go to the round of 16."

The oddball schedule will present the squad with that age-old question: Is it better to be sharp or fresh and rested?

Thursday, December 11, 2014 More...
Bulldogs are favorites to win the four-team CTL
With the memory of last year's third-place finish at state still fresh, the girls' basketball team at Cashmere High School will seek to go farther yet this season.

Led by senior Breanne Knishka and sophomore Abbie Johnson, the squad this year added frosh standout Cami Knishka -Breanne's sister, and a national champion with her club team.

Cami's face -sort of a redheaded version of her sister's- is one of eight new ones on the roster of the Bulldogs.

"Lot of shoes to fill there," Head Coach Brent Darnell said of all the seniors the team lost to graduation this past June, including Wenatchee Valley College hoopsters Lauren Johnson and Mikayla Sites.

The faces may be new but the expectations are not, Darnell said. The incoming players know what is expected of them: they learned it last year -Darnell's first as Cashmere coach.-during the JV season.

"They are not learning a new system, they are just updating a system," he said. "They are getting more information thrown at them than they had at the JV level last year. It's great because they have a foundation to build off of and they understand what the expectations are."

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Cashmere Cheer Squad

Photo by Sebastian Moraga
The 2014-15 basketball cheer squad. From left: Alejandra Gonzalez, Jessica Parker, Jordan O'Donnell, Kandace Brunner, Ellie York, Ravjot Shokar and Carmella Galan.

Thursday, December 11, 2014 More...
With new hand at helm, wrestlers ready to battle
Many decisions are easy, many decisions are hard. A very few are both.

Feel free to put Patrick Valeri's decision to coach the varsity wrestling team at Cashmere High School in this last category.

Valeri, up until this year the wrestling head coach at the middle school, said he had fun working with younger children and helping build the program's pipeline of grapplers to the high school.

At the same time, Valeri said, the decision was easy.

"It's been a goal of mine, to get into high school coaching," said Valeri, who teaches at the high school. "I have been volunteering at the high school for many years to get the opportunity."

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