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Good times at the Fair

Photos by Sebastian Moraga
Plenty of action, lights, color and noise filled the Chelan County Expo Center last weekend during yet another edition of the Chelan County Fair.

School district studying changes to bus routes
This week, the Cashmere School District will let its insurance company oversee its afternoon bus routes.

The involvement of Canfield and Associates' risk management specialist Aaron Sheneman responds to the district's concerns regarding the effectiveness of the current route.

The buses leave the big garage on Chapel Street and take in children at the middle school, then the elementary school, then the high school.

The current route allows for most of the car traffic from the high school to hit the road before the buses get there, but it also requires three trips up and down Pioneer Avenue during the times of most congestion: from the bus garage to the middle school, from CMS to Vale Elementary and from Vale to the high school.

"By the time they are making the second return trip [starting at Vale], you just have a volume of vehicles," Cashmere schools chief Glenn Johnson said. "What they are trying to do is stopping the traffic to let the buses get back out or else they would never get out."

Add a cargo train to the mix, Johnson noted, and the traffic can snarl traffic for blocks.

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Cities optimistic about changes in transportation council
Civic leaders in Cashmere, Chelan and Leavenworth sound optimistic about what the changes ocurring at the Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council will mean for their respective cities.

The council will become the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council and the three cities will share a vote on the council with Entiat. Wenatchee will have a vote, East Wenatchee will have a vote and four small cities in Douglas County -Bridgeport, Manson, Rock Island and Waterville-- will share a vote as well,

The council, which will replace the Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council, results from a merger of the North Central Regional Transportation Planning group and the WVTC.

Cheri Farivar, mayor of Leavenworth, said the switch doesn't affect her city negatively in any way.

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People's art: Iconic Cashmere Soccer wall part of program's identity
Wall has a ball when looking at the wall with the ball.

Amy Wall, the former Amy Radoslovich, painted a wall with the words Cashmere Soccer and a flying soccer ball on the west end of the soccer field in 1998.

Since then, the wall has become an icon for the girls' team, of which she was a member back then, and for the boys' team, which was born more than 10 years after she painted the wall.

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Subs part of the fabric of Cashmere schools
You may say it takes a special kind of brass to walk into a Spanish classroom to teach, without knowing anything deeper than "hola" and "chao."

To which Harry Raab might say it takes a special kind of brass to teach, period. And that, he's done for decades.

Raab, a councilmember for East Wenatchee since 2002, has been a member of a particular fraternity in Cashmere for almost as long. To wit, he's a substitute teacher.

A retired educator with more than 25 years experience in the Wenatchee Valley alone, he indeed did walk into a Spanish class as a sub not too long ago, when the school couldn't find anyone else, he said.

Instead of leading a lesson in something he knew nothing about, he used the notes the regular teacher had left him.

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The happy, curly tail, er, tale of Putin and Daisy
The mark on its skin looks nothing like Russia now, but when Putin was a piglet, it did, which led to Cashmere High School student Andy Cunning giving him that name.

Putin is special, not because of the spot on its skin but because of its spot in Andy's heart.

In eight years of raising pigs, Cunning had never raised a pig from birth.

He had bought Daisy -a 2013 grand champion- at the fair, and had her artificially inseminated in October, purchasing pig semen from a boar farm in Tennessee. Putin's surrogate dad was named Willpower.

Last February -three months, three weeks and three days later- she had her first litter: six piglets, and Cunning raised one of them, the one with the geographic birthmark.

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Letting the past help the present
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. During this year's upcoming Apple Days, they are also worth a few hundred bucks and a few roofs.

Sepia photos in pioneer garb will help raise cash at this year's festival. The money will help fix at least one roof at the Pioneer Village.

This is the second year of the fundraiser, which Mary and Michael Thresher of River Street Photography coordinate.

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Schools & Sports

Okanogan overcomes pesky Cashmere in opener
In an entertaining contest that could have gone either way, Cashmere began its 2014 campaign with a 24-16 nonleague loss at Okanogan.

League opponents last year, the Bulldogs from the north and south are now in different conferences. That didn't keep the squads from putting on a show that had as its marquee performance the 344 rushing yards by Okanogan running back Tyler Morris.

Porous blocking and tackling helped Morris have his scrapbook-worthy night, Cashmere head coach Phil Zukowski said. Still, Cashmere battled all the way to the end.

"To have blocked and tackled as poorly as we did, and still have a chance to win the game, it shows that we can be a very good team," Zukowski said. "But we need to decide that blocking and tackling is really football. Everything is based on blocking and tackling and we only lost by eight points."

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Loss to Eastlake a painful, helpful lesson to soccer team
Eastlake, the 4A school with a roster full of club players, exited the Wenatchee Valley taking two wins home and leaving many lessons behind.

The Wolves from the west side defeated the Wenatchee High School girls' team 3-1 a day after beating Cashmere 7-0 Sept. 5.

For Dennis Tronson, head coach of the Cashmere squad, the game exposed his team to a different level of play and fitness.

Eastlake was the better team, Tronson said, but Cashmere did have its chances.

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Cashmere cheer squad
This is the 2014 Cheer Squad for Cashmere High School.
Thursday, September 4, 2014 More...
Uphill climb awaits Bulldog netters
It's a movie audition.

The role calls for a funny man, and seated next to you are another unknown, then Jim Carrey and Billy Crystal.

That's the kind of odds awaiting the varsity volleyball team for Cashmere High School this year. In a four-team Caribou Trail League, only one team will make it to state, and both the 2013 state champion and runner-up are in the CTL.

But first-year coach Juan Sanchez says his team can surprise a few folks, by remaining competitive against such strong opponents.

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Runners prepping for strange days ahead
In a year of absurdity, the schedule for the Cashmere High School cross country team astounds for how normal its immediate future looks.

Meets in places like Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Ellensburg and Shoreline give the list a business-as-usual feel much different from that of other fall sports.

Things get funky quickly for the Bulldogs once the regular season ends. The Caribou Trail League Championship meet will determine who goes to state. No districts, no regionals, nothing. Win and you're in.

"It's not all the way solidified," said Jeff Kenoyer, the team's first-year head coach. "But what it looks like now is we will have a race with four schools. The team that wins goes to state and then the rest of it, if there are any kids in the top five that aren't in that team, they also get to go."

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Business News

Sheriff's report

Sheriff/Fire/EMS Reports

Monday, September 1

01:44 Prowler, 221 W. Commercial St.

08:25 Civil, 12484 Bergstrasse Rd.

13:03 Animal problem, 636 Front St.

14:22 Agency assist, 316 Commercial St., Blackbird Island.

16:28 Alarm, 9820 Eagle Creek Rd.

17:05 Theft, 116 River Bend Dr., Safeway.

18:34 Property, 398 Main St., Peshastin.

18:51 Animal problem, 932 Front St., Starbucks.

Tuesday, September 2

11:05 Harass/threat, 2467 Salal Dr.

12:36 Public assist, 12484 Bergstrasse Rd.

16:04 Abuse, 625 Birch St.

18:17 Alarm, 7409 Icicle Rd.

18:37 Trespass, North Road and Chumstick Hwy.

Wednesday, September 3

03:42 Burglary, 8381 Main St. Peshastin.

08:31 Parking/abandon, 21730 Palomino Rd.

08:35 Noise, 18955 US 2.

09:04 Fraud/forgery, 3955 Camas Creek Rd., Peshastin.

14:13 Vehicle prowl, Front and Division streets.

15:06 Accident no injury, 7409 Icicle Rd.

15:40 Property, US 97, milepost 180, Peshastin.

15:47 Welfare check, 8901 Josephine Ave., Dryden.

16:26 Traffic offense, US 2 and Chumstick Hwy., northbound.

18:54 Animal problem, 18955 US 2.

19:01 Suspicious, 285 US 2.

Thursday, September 4

04:00 Burglary, 283 US 2, Up In Smoke.

06:07 Suspicious, Chumstick Hwy., and Sunitsch Canyon.

06:10 Burglary, 920 US 2, 76 Station.

08:49 Parking/abandon, 335 Division St., Barn Beach Reserve.

12:01 Public assist, 2256 Pine Tree Rd.

12:10 Parking/abandon, 11492 US 2.

12:17 Fraud/forgery, 3527 Old Blewett Hwy., Peshastin.

12:49 Theft, 647 Front St., A Matter of Taste.

13:17 Suspicious, 703 Front St., Monacos Corner Store.

13:19 Suspicious, 707 Front St., Red Baron Gifts.

14:09 Burglary, 709 Front St., Munchen Haus.

17:04 Theft, Eight Mile Road, USFS.

21:44 Vehicle prowl, 77 Stage Rd., Peshastin.

Friday, September 5

00:03: 911 call, 18095 Chumstick Hwy.

00:20 Suspicious, 8734 School St., Dryden.

07:42 Fraud/forgery, 8305 Lynn St., Peshastin.

08:58 Welfare check, Upper Johnny Creek Campground.

12:07 Alarm, 20045 Beaver Valley Rd.

13:38 Harass/threat, 263 Mine St., Day room.

14:50 Accident, injury US 2, mile post 105, Dryden.

16:03 Civil, 522 Mine St.

16:10 Trespass, 590 US 2, Enzian Motor Inn.

16:44 Search and Rescue, US 2, milepost 68.

17:56 Disturbance, Peshastin Creek Road.

19:27 Civil, 8807 Josephine Ave., Dryden.

20:58 Suspicious, 7900 Mountain Home Rd.

Saturday, September 6

07:07 Disturbance, Upper Johnny Creek Campground.

10:33 Alarm, 7409 Icicle Rd.

11:01 Hazard, Chumstick Hwy., milemarker 5.

11:14 Alarm, 13500 Stonefly Dr.

11:45 Traffic offense, Ski Hill Drive.

14:37 Property, Chumstick Hwy., milepost 3.

16:37 Accident no injury, 21328 SR 207 Hwy., Headwaters.

16:39 Public assist, 19003 US 2.

17:51 Alarm, 10190 Chumstick Hwy., CHS.

20:27 Noise,12008 Shugart Flats Rd.

20:50 Traffic offense, 10461 Stemm Rd., Smallwoods.

21:54 Animal problem, 10108 Main St., Peshastin.

22:48 Suspicious, 22708 Brown Rd.

Sunday, September 7

00:21 Missing person, 7001 Icicle Rd., Snow Lakes.

00:48 Noise, 126 Commercial St.

04:22 Weapons violation, US 2 and White Pine, USFS.

06:00 Accident no injury, 15255 US 2, Coles Corner.

07:16 Accident injury, Beehive Reservoir,USFS.

08:27 Accident no injury, 10261 Eagle Creek Rd.

11:11 Animal problem, 3652 Allen Ln., Peshastin.

12:43 Search and Rescue, Mount Stuart.

13:11 Property, 2701 Sumac Ln.

13:34 Civil, 8264 Lynn St., Peshastin.

15:09 Property, 11401 River Bend Dr., KOA.

18:33 Alarm, 11468 River Bend Drive.

18:54 Domestic disturbance, 1250 US 2, McDonalds.

19:59 Runaway, 10195 Titus Rd.

20:37 Welfare check, 7001 Icicle Rd.

20:55 Attempt to locate Black Pine Horse Camp, USFS.

23:22 Missing person, Icicle Creek Trail.


Monday, September 1

00:17 Accident injury, 400 block Aplets Way.

08:32 Disturbance, 3994 Zager Rd., Monitor.

10:32 Agency assist, US 2 and Aplets Way.

12:35 Disturbance, 3627 Bridge St.

15:29 Traffic offense, 6999 Brender Canyon Rd.

16:21 Lewd conduct, Brender Canyon Road, and Taber.

17:49 Harass/threat, 115 E. Pleasant Ave.

19:08 Domestic disturbance, 8101 Hay Canyon Rd.

21:12 Suspicious, 6310 Hay Canyon Rd.

Tuesday, September 2

07:27 Juvenile problem, 315 Independence Way.

08:10 Harass/threat, 5703 Evergreen Dr.

09:37 911 call, 101 Pioneer Ave., Vale School.

15:57 Civil, 105 Parkhill St.

23:04 Parking/abandon, Sunset Hwy.

Wednesday, September 3

04:58 Alarm, 3887 Pioneer Way.

13:37 Trespass, end of Williams Canyon Road.

16:27 Domestic disturbance, 116 W. Pleasant. Ave.

16:39 Agency assist, US 2 and Aplets Way.

21:08 Extra patrol, 5703 Evergreen Dr.

23:17 Suspicious, 312 River St.

Thursday, September 4

05:00 Suspicious, 5312 Pine Flats Loop Rd.

07:59 Agency assist, 7787 Stine Hill Rd.

12:29 Theft,303 Maple St.

16:06 Traffic offense, US 2, mile post 115, Monitor.

17:19 Theft, apt. above 101 Parkhill.

18:04 Agency assist, US 2, mile post 110, Goodwin Road.

19:03 Harass/threat, 6090 Pioneer Dr.

22:56 Parking/abandon, 300 Sunset Hwy., Crunch Pak.

23:41 Warrant, 5700 Wescott Dr., Fairgrounds.

Friday, September 5

14:30 Harass/threat, 3717 Bridge St., Monitor.

14:36 Accident no injury, 6445 Pioneer Dr.

Saturday, September 6

01:26 Assault, 8443 Main St.

02:50 Vehicle prowl, 300 Sunset Hwy., Crunch Pak.

08:19 Theft, 849 Mission Creek Rd.

12:10 Harass/threat, 8186 Brender Canyon Rd.

14:34 Suspicious, 309 Angier.

15:58 Accident injury, 5110 Locust Ln.

18:24 Accident no injury, 5984 Sunset Hwy.

20:36 Agency assist, 102 Titchenal Way.

21:10 911 call, 304 Cottage Ave.

22:32 Traffic offense, Sunset Hwy., Westbound.

23:53 Traffic offense, 5700 Wescott Dr., Fairgrounds.

Sunday, September 7

09:47 Accident injury, 5890 Evergreen Dr.

10:23 Traffic offense, Nahahum Canyon Road.

18:38 Warrant, 203 S. Division St.

FIRE/EMS Responses

Monday, September 1

00:17 CFD, Ball, 400 block of Aplets Way.

06:47 CC6, Butler Road, smoke investigation.

06:57 CM, 11853 Chumstick Hwy., fall.

10:10 CC6, Ball, 4252 Bardin James Rd. medical alarm.

18:41 CC6, 3295 Allen Ln., illegal burn.

19:43 CM, CC9, 22636 Alpine Dr., sick person.

19:53 CM, Pine Court. allergies.

Tuesday, September 2

03:41 CFD, CC1, CC3, CC6 others, 1121 S. Columbia St.,Dolco, commercial fire.

Wednesday,September 3

14:56 CM, 328 Birch St., sick person.

16:37 CFD, Ball, US 2 and Aplets Way, fall.

Thursday, September 4

18:04 CC6, US 2, milepost 110, vehicle fire.

Friday, September 5

20:24 CFD, Ball, apt. at 302 Fischer St., chest pain

Saturday, September 6

01:26 Ball,CC6, CM, 8443 Main St., assault.

07:05 CM, 505 US 2, fall.

14:02 CM, 913 Front St., fall.

15:30 CC3, Blackbird Island, illegal burn.

15:58 CC6, Ball, 5710 Locust Ln., injury accident.

19:36 CC6, Ball, 5700 Wescott Dr., CC Fairgrounds, convulsions.

21:10 CFD, Ball, 304 Cottage Ave., fall.

23:57 CC3, 922 Commercial St. Obertal Inn, commercial alarm.

Sunday, September 7

08:08 CM, 826 Pine St., heart problem.

08:47 CC6, Ball, 5890 Evergreen Dr., injury accident.

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