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11/21/2012 4:36:00 PM Email this articlePrint this article 
Happy days
Dear Editor.
Flash! Scientists discover recent seismic tremors derive from Einstein in hysterics, rolling over in grave!

What was it ole Albert said about insanity being defined as repeating the same failed acts?

 The media was convinced that Dewey beat Truman. Later when Kennedy beat Nixon, self-impressed, political bigots on the left sang "Hap-py daaaaaays are heeeere agaaaain ...!" toasted to their brilliance and superiority and cried croc tears over the imminent demise of the Repub party.

When Carter beat Ford, they hauled out the same tattered old-school sweatshirts with the big 'D' on them and pointed out yet again the clear superiority of the liberal philosophy.

"What a shame!" Dems cried, 'regretting' yet again how the poor, obsolete Repubs were just too pitifully locked in the past to be relevant anymore. Dead - sniff, sniff .

When Reagan arrived like the Marines coming ashore, Repub political bigots hauled out the champagne and cigars and cheered the richly deserved obvious end to the silliness of liberalism and the Dem party forever. No really. This time they were gone for good. When The Big R was reelected, of course, this cemented the Repub assessment beyond all question. Liberalism RIP.

Then, somehow, Bush Sr. became a one term washout. Dems rose again from their graves and ascended to sitteth upon the right hand of Bill the Almighty, forever and ever, amen. Conservatism was finally proven inferior to liberalism and Repubs were flat lined for sure this time. When Clinton won reelection, this just became the final word on American politics ... didn't it?

But then came Bush Jr., and Dems swore that America had lost its mind and "voted against its own best interests!" Repubs sang "Hap-py daaaaays are heeeeere agaaaain!" and celebrated the final - final - vindication of conservatism over failed liberalism, the latter now - obviously - merely a historical footnote. End of story. When Dubya was reelected (by a margin twice the size that Obama was reelected on), Repubs declared liberalism dead at last! Dead at last! Thank gawdamighty it's dead at last!

Obama beat McCain, and Dems yet again declared the demise of conservatism from the sheer weight of its own obsolescence, but then in 2010 Repubs kicked the living crap out of Dems across the country in unprecedented mid-term elections where record percentages of black, Latinos, women and gays not only voted Repub but won Repub offices.

Obama admitted that he and his lib administration were "shellacked". Repubs yet again celebrated how the country had finally waked up to the indisputable superiority of conservatism. Bye, bye, liberalism, Dems don't let that door hit you in the ... foot.

Now, Obama has been reelected. Despite the mass media shilling for him, the odds always favoring incumbents, and the political impossibility of two white guys winning a presidential election over a minority or woman in today's political correctness calcified America, Obie still barely scraped by with a minuscule 2.43 percent margin, not what you'd call a sweeping endorsement, especially for an incumbent. If you run responsible Dad against Santa Claus, the kids are gonna vote Santa Claus every time. Go figure. 

But, undeniably it seems, the massive reckless debts are coming due in America as they have in Europe. The Godfather of economics has finally come up to collect ... and he has Luca Brazzi with him. Witness Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc. The dooms-day invasion of The Responsibility Monsters from Mars that conservatives have warned about for years is here. They landed first in Europe, but they know where America is, which we're about to find out. 

Still, Santa's just won again (barely) over confronting responsibility and accountability. Big surprise. The Great Liberal Gospel believed Dem-party-wide on sheer faith has triumphed again: endless debt to buy free stuff never need have a day of reckoning! We just proved it, didn't we? For ... after all ... we can always tax the workers yet more, wax classist bigoted over the "rich!" and "corporations!" (hisssssssss!) And cut that ole nasty, useless military, right? ... right?

Meanwhile, Greece, the poster-child for this economic gospel, descends into riot and probable decades of austerity Europe has never known since WWII. The other European economically liberal, faux utopias are spiraling down the same toilet as we watch. The Thatcherian Truth has prevailed. Liberal government has finally run out of other people's money for free stuff, kiddies. No more Santa Claus. For a long ... long ... time.

But Obama's been reelected! Free health care! Free unemployment! Free housing! Free food stamps! Free Bamaphones! Mean old conservatism be dead! Forever!

Hap-py daaaaays are heeeere agaaaain! 

Right? ... Right?

William Slusher


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