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Climbing the ladder to unemployment
Some lawmakers in Olympia this session want to change the minimum wage law. Unfortunately, they can no more change this law, than the laws of physics or economics. In short, the market will prevail and supply and demand will not be manipulated in the long term even if it sounds good on paper.

Those that support increasing the minimum wage do so under the false pretense that people will make more money, therefore spend more money and stimulate the economy in the process. They tell you it will lead to no change in employment numbers and may actually increase jobs. And last but not least, proponents claim this will decrease the disparity between rich and poor. Once again this flies in the face of economic law that has stood the test of time and will likely continue to do so indefinitely, or until we invent the perpetual motion machine

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Letters to the Editor
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Ukrainian hardball and other brutal issues
Vladimir Putin denies that there are any Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine fighting with the rebels to partition themselves a sovereign country that will immediately either become part of Russia or become a vassal state under same. So let's play hardball with the macho, shirtless, horse rider wannabee Cossack who backs Syria's Assad, North Korea and Cuba simultaneously.
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Letters to the Editor
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"How did my state lawmakers vote in Olympia?
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Three Iraqs
I want Americans to write, email, or call their congressman and senators and advocate for a "three-Iraq" solution to stop the violence and the need for yet more American troops, i.e., blood and treasure, in the future and possibly for decades to come (can you say Korea?).

Let our friends and loyal allies, the Kurds, have the north. Let the Shia, with their Iranian buddies, have the south. Allow the Sunnis to have the rest.

Americans are famously ignorant vis-a-vis world geography, history and culture so allow me to illuminate the origins of modern day Iraq. Google "Ottoman Empire" and you'll see how much of the Middle East was invented out of whole cloth by the Europeans. The dissolving of the Ottoman Empire has led to several made-up countries and a power vacuum and they in turn have been the scene of sectarian strife ever since.

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