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Cities optimistic about changes in transportation council
Civic leaders in Cashmere, Chelan and Leavenworth sound optimistic about what the changes ocurring at the Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council will mean for their respective cities.

The council will become the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council and the three cities will share a vote on the council with Entiat. Wenatchee will have a vote, East Wenatchee will have a vote and four small cities in Douglas County -Bridgeport, Manson, Rock Island and Waterville-- will share a vote as well,

The council, which will replace the Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council, results from a merger of the North Central Regional Transportation Planning group and the WVTC.

Cheri Farivar, mayor of Leavenworth, said the switch doesn't affect her city negatively in any way.

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Letting the past help the present
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. During this year's upcoming Apple Days, they are also worth a few hundred bucks and a few roofs.

Sepia photos in pioneer garb will help raise cash at this year's festival. The money will help fix at least one roof at the Pioneer Village.

This is the second year of the fundraiser, which Mary and Michael Thresher of River Street Photography coordinate.

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The happy, curly tail, er, tale of Putin and Daisy
The mark on its skin looks nothing like Russia now, but when Putin was a piglet, it did, which led to Cashmere High School student Andy Cunning giving him that name.

Putin is special, not because of the spot on its skin but because of its spot in Andy's heart.

In eight years of raising pigs, Cunning had never raised a pig from birth.

He had bought Daisy -a 2013 grand champion- at the fair, and had her artificially inseminated in October, purchasing pig semen from a boar farm in Tennessee. Putin's surrogate dad was named Willpower.

Last February -three months, three weeks and three days later- she had her first litter: six piglets, and Cunning raised one of them, the one with the geographic birthmark.

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Subs part of the fabric of Cashmere schools
You may say it takes a special kind of brass to walk into a Spanish classroom to teach, without knowing anything deeper than "hola" and "chao."

To which Harry Raab might say it takes a special kind of brass to teach, period. And that, he's done for decades.

Raab, a councilmember for East Wenatchee since 2002, has been a member of a particular fraternity in Cashmere for almost as long. To wit, he's a substitute teacher.

A retired educator with more than 25 years experience in the Wenatchee Valley alone, he indeed did walk into a Spanish class as a sub not too long ago, when the school couldn't find anyone else, he said.

Instead of leading a lesson in something he knew nothing about, he used the notes the regular teacher had left him.

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People's art: Iconic Cashmere Soccer wall part of program's identity
Wall has a ball when looking at the wall with the ball.

Amy Wall, the former Amy Radoslovich, painted a wall with the words Cashmere Soccer and a flying soccer ball on the west end of the soccer field in 1998.

Since then, the wall has become an icon for the girls' team, of which she was a member back then, and for the boys' team, which was born more than 10 years after she painted the wall.

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School district studying changes to bus routes
This week, the Cashmere School District will let its insurance company oversee its afternoon bus routes.

The involvement of Canfield and Associates' risk management specialist Aaron Sheneman responds to the district's concerns regarding the effectiveness of the current route.

The buses leave the big garage on Chapel Street and take in children at the middle school, then the elementary school, then the high school.

The current route allows for most of the car traffic from the high school to hit the road before the buses get there, but it also requires three trips up and down Pioneer Avenue during the times of most congestion: from the bus garage to the middle school, from CMS to Vale Elementary and from Vale to the high school.

"By the time they are making the second return trip [starting at Vale], you just have a volume of vehicles," Cashmere schools chief Glenn Johnson said. "What they are trying to do is stopping the traffic to let the buses get back out or else they would never get out."

Add a cargo train to the mix, Johnson noted, and the traffic can snarl traffic for blocks.

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Beer garden question continues to hound city council
To party or not to party, that is the question.

The 100 block of Elberta Street includes a parking lot with a lot of potential to host parties and similar events. City Hall has said it's OK to host parties on the parking lot, as long as they are the kind of party one might call a tradition or find printed on a a calendar: Celebrate Cashmere? Yes. Labor Day barbecue? Maybe. half-price burrito night? Not really

City Hall has also OK'd parties on the parking lot if the city's school district or chamber of commerce sponsors them.

For years, restaurants on that street have tried to get City Council to change the municipal code. Blom's American Grill and Irish Pub was the latest one, its co-owner Karin Blomquist showing up at city council meeting last week.

Thursday, September 4, 2014 More...
Empty space gives birth to garden at Vale Elementary
With watermelons, tomatoes and corn, mums, cantaloupes and daisies, the garden on the east end of Vale Elementary keeps growing both in size and popularity.

Not only is it pretty to look at, but the children love to see stuff be born and grow from a seed.

The garden first picked up steam last spring, when DeAnn Kruiswyk, aided by her husband began piecing together online the components of what up to that point was only a flight of fancy.

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Angier Street Bridge closes
The Angier Street Bridge became a pedestrian bridge Aug. 26, less than 24 hours after the Cashmere City Council voted on its closure.

Fixing the bridge costs upwards of $1 million, said councilman David Sherman, who lives a block away from the bridge and who asked its fellow city leaders to close the bridge. Sherman said it was the best thing for both the neighbors and for the city.

"We are getting complaints in the neighborhood," Sherman said. "There are two groups that are causing most problems."

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City roundup: Councilman sworn in while mowing lawn
A death in the family kept Cashmere's newest council member Bob Abramoski from getting sworn in during a council meeting last month.

Then Mayor Jeff Gomes went on vacation for a week, so the oath had to wait some more.

Then, after Gomes returned, he spotted Abramoski on a riding mower, mowing his neighbor's lawn, fellow council member David Sherman, who was on vacation.

"I had the paperwork with me in my car," Gomes said, so he walked up to Abramoski and swore him in, next to a riding mower. Then Gomes returned to his car and drove away.

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Two Cashmere students on national-champion hoops team
Cashmere freshman Cami Knishka and sophomore Abbie Johnson played in a team that won a national basketball tournament in Atlanta this summer.

The Northwest Blazers' U-16 squad, known as the Heat and comprised of top players from around the top left corner of the nation, went undefeated in six games this July.

The tournament, the Adidas National, showcased some serious talent in front of fans, coaches and college scouts from all over the U.S. Games were tight and fast-paced.

"We were playing against athletes that could be Division I players," Knishka said, referring to the top bracket of colleges in the NCAA.

Johnson agreed, "We played really good competition," she said.

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