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Valison: Ask the citizens for the raise
Former Cashmere mayor George Valison said citizens should have the final word on whether the council and current mayor Jeff Gomes should get a raise.

"Depending on the economy of the community, can we afford it?" he asked. "With all the expenses of the sewage plant and so on."

Cashmere is building a new wastewater treatment plant on the same spot its current one sits. The current councilmembers should weigh this and other expenses before deciding on a pay raise.

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Chiwaukum, Hansel fires push toward wilderness
As members of the Southern Area Red Team, the national level incident management team managing the Chiwaukum Complex Fires, held a community meeting last week at Cascade High School, one thing was a clear as their southern accents. The Chiwaukum Complex fires are going to be with us for awhile, probably until the snow flies.

For one thing, the hot, dry weather is going to continue, according to team meteorologist, John Pelton, along with a continuing threat of thunderstorms and lightning.

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East Wenatchee man hits selfless milestone in Cashmere
Twenty-five gallons. Two hundred needles and countless sugar cookies.

Richard Neel of East Wenatchee celebrated his 67th year on Earth by doing something he has done for the last 49. He showed up somewhere, rolled up a sleeve and got poked in the arm to help save someone's life.

Neel's blood donation was the 200th of his life, totaling 25 gallons over the last half century. He hit the milestone at Cashmere's Riverside Center last week.

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Blake Baldwin named legislative assistant to Representative Hawkins
Cashmere graduate Blake Baldwin has been hired as the new legislative assistant for State Rep. Brad Hawkins, (R-East Wenatchee).

Baldwin, 22, is the son of Port of Chelan County Port Commissioner JC Baldwin, and said he has been interested in politics from a young age.

He replaces Taylor Kenck, an Eastmont graduate and law student at Brigham Young University.

Baldwin will work out of Hawkins' Olympia offices. He also plans to attend Evergreen State College in the Olympia area at some point, but first he will attend South Puget Sound Community College.

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Volunteers help clean up the river
The river took a bath last Saturday.

For three hours, volunteers in Dryden, Leavenworth, Monitor and Cashmere helped remove thousands of pounds of trash from the edges and the waters of Wenatchee River.

The Cascadia Conservation District along with the Chelan County Natural Resources led a volunteer effort to rid the river of things including hunks of metal, bottles, and plywood.

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When curling means caring
For one day a week, the years melt away and the health problems don't matter.

For one day a week, a group of women residents of the Cashmere Convalescent Center get to feel what it's like to have an honest-to-goodness good hair day.

Two women have been making these good hair days possible for more than 20 years for free. They spend each Wednesday morning setting curlers and combing and brushing until the ladies' hair look just so.

Eloise Day, 92, and Patty Lindaberry, 66, never set foot in a beautician's or hairdresser's or cosmetologist's school, but they have done it enough -on themselves and on others- to know what looks good.

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Council mulling pay raise
Spurred by the words of former council candidate Dave Hobbs, the City Council will study the possibility of raising the stipends of its member and the mayor.

Hobbs, on the night of his second attempt at earning an appointment to city council, suggested that more people would be more willing to run for city council if the job paid a little better.

Right now, council members make about $100 every month, and the mayor makes about $400 per month, before taxes.

Both current and former occupants of the cozy chairs around the big table at City Hall said they welcomed the idea.

"It is long overdue," said Donna Wynne, a business owner and former council member. "Especially the mayor, my gosh, it's a full-time job and $400 a month is just chicken feed."

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A hole that's harder to fill than you think
It all started with a grocery bag.

Leah Davis saw a child enter Vale Elementary carrying the school supplies for the day inside a plastic bag, the kind one would get at the supermarket. Davis, mother of two, asked around and found out that sights like that weren't all that uncommon.

Two years later, the sight of the child with the pencils and books inside something meant to carry celery and milk has not strayed far from Davis' mind. That child is probably still out there, but the odds are a little better that the books are covered in something sturdier now.

Davis, spurred by the plastic-bag scene, started Pak the Bins, a school supply drive that last week officially turned two years old.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 More...
Giant food becoming a big thing in Cashmere
If two things start five years away from each other, they hardly qualify as a trend, we know that.

But, when those things stand half a block away from each other and both involve the same requirements, namely a huge appetite and an even greater desire not to reach middle age, well....

Five years ago, Brian's Pizza instituted the Bulldog Challenge, which requires either one or two people to eat a 32-inch, one-topping pizza in an hour. No bathroom breaks, no I'll-be-right-back's, no let-me-just-get-some-air's, nothing. Sit, breathe, eat, drink, talk if you must, but nothing else. You puke, you're out. The pizza is $81 bucks plus tax, and the pizza has to be paid for up front.

"The slices are the size of a newborn baby," said Brian's Pizza's manager Sarah Pickett, who added the pizza takes only a few minutes to make.

Less than a month ago, Blom's American Grill and Irish Pub unveiled The Challenge Burger: Two slices of cheddar cheese, one slice of Swiss, three patties, two types of onion, four slices of bacon, ham, pastrami, mushrooms, tomato, lettuce and a fried egg. The fried egg is optional, in case you don't want to overdo it.

Asked why one would ever want to add an egg, owner Karin Blomquist quipped, "Not enough protein."

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No pot at Chelan County Fair this year
The news that the Denver County Fair in the capital city of Colorado would now feature a marijuana section begged the question of whether we would see something similar anytime soon around here.

The answer is a firm no. For now.

The Denver County Fair this year will feature, alongside its regular dahlias and roses contests, a contest rewarding the best marijuana plant. The contest will not use real plants, just photos of them. In addition, it will issue awards in categories like bongs, clothes made of hemp and foods made with marijuana, according to an Associated Press article. They also have a speed-rolling contest, awarding the fastest-made joint, but using oregano instead of the real thing.

Marijuana use will be forbidden at the fair, and those judging the pot brownies will chew them and spit them out and will receive cab rides home, the article added.

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Swim team closes outstanding season
The 2014 season finished with a splash for the Cashmere Swim Team.

For starters, 127 swimmers signed for the team this year. Coach Garrett Collett called it the biggest group the team has ever had.

Of those swimmers, 88 competed at championships.

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