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Spotter time is well spent time
No such thing as a useless phone call for Andrew Brown.

Brown, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service, said that the NWS has never received a phone call from a spotter that was a waste of time.

Spotters are the eyes and ears of the NWS in places where its radars sometimes don't reach. Brown offered a training session for spotters in Wenatchee two weeks ago, in which he reiterated the importance of the spotter's job and his or her calls when describing a weather event.

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Pool's staffing raises a stink
Cashmere Mayor Jeff Gomes said people defecating in the pool -and not staff shortages- have forced the pool to close in past weeks.

"It's got nothing to do with understaffing," the mayor said Sunday. "There was excrement in the pool and the Health Department requires us to close it for 24 hours."

State health regulations require a minimum 24-hour closure if the feces are runny, to let the water recirculate with an increased dosage of chlorine. If the feces are solid, pool personnel may remove people from the water, clean the pool, spike the chemical content of the water, wash the filter, and reopen on the same day.

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Wait continues for Cashmere family and for their child they have never met
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For Dawna Fox, a picture with words is worth a thousand days of wait.

Primply sitting on a corner of her living room in Cashmere is a collage of photos of a young boy she has never met in person. The collage sits atop a small square that reads "Never, never, never, never give up."

The boy in the picture is Prin. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adopted legally by Fox and her husband Travis, he has never met her adoptive parents and has not heard from them in almost a year, since the Congolese government put a moratorium on adoptees leaving the country.

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New pastor arrives at Methodist church
When it comes to being a pastor, Wendy Riddle knows the long and the short of it.

Long as in in 12 years in Pasco, serving the faithful at the United Methodist Church there.

Short as in two weeks as the pastor in Colfax, her next stop after Pasco. Fourteen days into her ministry there, a car wreck almost took her life and forced her to stop for two years.

So if you see her smiling particularly big this week, it's because as of July 16 she's been the pastor in Cashmere for longer than 14 days.

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PUD leader Wright lays out snapshot of utility at civic meeting in Malaga
There's cheap, very cheap, and then there's Chelan County Public Utility District cheap, unless you ask Chelan County PUD customers, says the utility's CEO Richard Wright.

At a presentation before Chelan County community leaders in Malaga, Wright once again highlighted this company's calling card, power rates, by comparing them to the state and the national averages.

Washington's average power rates stand among the two lowest in the nation. The Chelan County PUD's power rates sit at a one-fourth of the national average and one-third of the Washington average.

And yet, he said with a smile, when the Public Utility District conducted a survey among customers, the main complaint of its unsatisfied customers was the PUD's rates were too high.

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Chuck Slowe challenging incumbent county commissioner
Former college professor and longtime pundit Chuck Slowe wants to unseat Chelan County Commissioner Keith Goehner, calling the three-time incumbent unprepared and unethical.

"I'm quite troubled with the record of my opponent," Slowe said. "I really feel and I felt almost from the beginning that he was way in over his head."

Goehner, Slowe said, "doesn't have the background that I have in consulting, the background I have in education." The incumbent from Dryden, Slowe added, has not grown intellectually during his time in office and "12 years with him is enough".

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Cashmere woman making donation of storied plate
The plate is empty, but it's full.

Full of art, full of stories, full of memories of fourteen faces, most of whom long gone. Full of remembrance of a friendship forged in fire, with the help of a kiln.

Mamie Campbell, Evelyn Schell, Ellen Ringsrud, Mardie Clark, Norma Ringsrud, Agnes Little, Ethel Clemens, Maude Campbell, Gladys Weiss, Lilla Jones, and Marilyn Weiss.

Names that perdure along the edge of a plate, crowned with apple blossoms on its center and the year 1954 serving as a base for the phrase "Pioneer Neighbors."

"All these ladies lived on Pioneer Avenue," said Ginger Samuels, granddaughter of Maude Campbell.

Some of the names on the plate belonged to people related to one another, like daughter Marilyn and mother Gladys, but for the most part they were just friends. All but a couple are gone.

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Cashmere awarded 9/11 memorial statue
The city of Cashmere has been awarded the Spirit of America memorial statue, which honors the victims and survivors of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The statue had originally been meant for Olympia's Capitol Building, but state laws forbid statues not related to Washington state at the stately building. David Lewis, director of the Spirit of America Memorial Foundation pitched the memorial to a number of cities, with varied degrees of interest. While towns like Cashmere showed great interest from early on, authorities in places like Kirkland and Issaquah rejected the statue outright.

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National Forest campfire restrictions increase in Chelan County
The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest has issued a Forest Order prohibiting campfires outside of developed campgrounds on the national forest within Chelan County.

This Forest Order includes the Chelan, Entiat and Wenatchee River Ranger Districts.

The restriction because effective on July 3. Those building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, or stove fire, including a fire made from briquettes, are prohibited with certain exceptions. This order is the result of increasing fire danger in national forest areas within Chelan County.

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Spotters' job more than just guesses
Before you yell at your TV weatherman again for lying to you, remember he or she may be using information that first originated from the eyes and ears of someone you know. Like a neighbor, or a friend.

Weather spotters are the unsung heroes, or villains, depending on how hard you chucked that remote at the screen, of the weather world, and the National Weather Service organized two days of training to teach regular folks how to help the experts keep an eye on both the predictable and the unpredictable weather.

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Wenatchee River Ranger District braces for early fire season
Due to the increasing fire danger, the Wenatchee River Ranger District implemented campfire restrictions just prior to the July 4 weekend. The hot and windy conditions have dried many of the fire fuels in the area, said Michelle Ellis, fire management officer, Wenatchee River Ranger District.

"We watch the indices that come through our weather and the national fire danger rating system, which is the same system we use to determine what message to put with smokey," Ellis said. "We watch those things and when we reach a certain threshold, we say ok, something like an abandoned campfire outside of a campground, it would escape and start to spread rapidly. Then we need to say, ok, we don't need that extra load as well the potential for lightning fires and things like that."

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